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About DoDock

Few curious mind started a journey with the name of "DoDock" in early 2012. With a small team and limited resources, we decided to participate in local smart phone market. Hence we created "BanglaPapers", which eventually become one of the most popular newspaper applications in Bangladesh. Initial target was small, however in few months we started to believe in ourselves and started to develop something in global range. "Footylight" was our second successful project which has over 500,000 users over the world now. Our journey never went smooth and day to day hardles are still there to overcome. Good news is, initial responses on our projects were highly promising. Thousands of global users are using our smartphone applications now and user feedbacks are great. Hence, we keep focusing driving forward. 

DoDock initiatives are driven by certain core values that lie within all the endeavors we undertake aspiring us to do better in each step.



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